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Birds of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a bird watcher's paradise. But even if you're not an obsessive bird aficionado, it will be hard to ignore the populous plumes fluttering before you. I was surprised at the number of bird photographs I had after only a week here, particularly as birds were a second thought to the larger mammals and stunning beach landscapes that drew my eye.

Nevertheless, here is a tiny, minute selection of the bird biodiversity you might see in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica's national bird, the Resplendent Quetzal, is a magnificent emerald green creature which resides in the cloud forests. I didn't see one on my trip in the Osa Peninsula but that's just a reason to come back. Quetzal's are part of the Trogon bird family. The yellow bellied bird (5th from the top) is a Black Throated Trogon.

The Scarlet Macaws were the most prevalent throughout my travels and also quite vocal and easy to spot. The Hawks were another large group, usually circling high above the beaches.

If you want to come here for bird watching, a pair of binoculars is highly recommended. Our Corcovado tour guide had a travelling telescope as usually whatever you're looking at is high in the tree canopy. Most hotels and lodges will have a bird walking tour available for approximately $40 USD per person. I found it useful to have a guide as trail maps are almost non-existent in little towns and a local guide will be able to show you how to enter a good sight seeing trail.

For a full list of Costa Rica's birds check out this PAGE.

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