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Diving in Cayman Island

Grand Cayman Island has 365 official dive sites. This is a genius marketing strategy that allows any dive shop on the island to claim that you can dive a new site every day of the year. In total, I've spent about 2 months diving in Cayman on a daily basis so I've not seen all 365 but here is my list of favourites, in the order they occur to me.

1. Trinity Caves - a massive coral swim through which is more like a maze rather than a cave

2. Doc Polson - an intentional wreck site that has attracted tons of marine life

3. Kittiwake Reef- coral dive with lots of fish

4. Kittiwake Wreck - a fun must-dive at least once. Going through the ship's different levels is entertaining.

5. Macabuca - this is a shore dive where most come for a Discover Scuba Dive or their OWD dives. It has great marine life but my favourite is the night dive when it transforms completely. I've seen octopus here, bioluminescence, sleeping stingrays, lobsters, nurse sharks, shrimp ..the list goes on.

6. Blue Peter Reef - spotted eagle rays here

7. Ray's Bedroom - stingrays and nurse sharks

8. Eagle's Ray Pass - great wall dive

9. Ghost Mountain - cool wall dive

10. Lemon Wall - cool wall dive

11. Oro Verde - this is a wreck that has been pummelled by storms and is strewn over a large area. There is a bike you can ride underwater. Lots of marine life and the corals around it are always busy as well.

12. Orange Canyon - great coral swim throughs.

13. Easy Street - great wall dive.

As you can tell its hard to narrow down the list as there are so many great dive sites. The water is usually an acceptable temperature, even in the colder season. Most people dive in 3mm suits and in the colder months you can supplement with a vest and a hood. Visibility is typically about 30 meters and the waters are a gorgeous turquoise blue. Here is a small glimpse of my various dives!

If you're going diving in Cayman, I'd recommend diving with DNS.

Some Recommended Food Spots:

1. Macabuca Tiki Bar - good for an after dive meal and drinks. The Cracked Conch is the fancier restaurant upstairs.

2. Chicken! Chicken! - need I say more?

3. West Indies Wine Company - Ok this is not a restaurant. Its a magical place where you can get wine by the glass from a tap machine. Find it inside Camana Bay.

4. Coconut Joes - it doesn't have views and it doesn't have particularly amazing food but its got that island vibe and cheap grub (relatively).

5. Anchor & Den - inside the Marriott hotel. This place always has some fun events happening, Sunday brunch takes place 12-3, and there is currently a special Greek and Turkish menu on Tuesdays. The Anchor is also known as a Gin lover's place and even created its own gin brand.

6. Royal Palms Beach Club - great spot to hang out and make new friends. Happy hour drinks and food are very reasonable and tasty. Gorgeous ocean view, beach access and a DJ.

7. Coccoloba - inside the Kimpton hotel but located on the beach with unbeatable ocean views. Get your Tuesday tacos here and only here.

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