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Diving Inside a Sunken Airplane.

In the summer of 2019, Bahrain began creating its very own underwater theme park. This undertaking is huge and comprises of two shipwrecks, coral restoration habitats, an enlarged pearl diver's house, 100 statues made by international artists and of course, the famous 747 Boeing Airplane. The project is split into two phases with the airplane being in Phase 1 - it opened to the public in the fall of 2019. I've seen some videos from the initial dives on the plane and compared it to my own in the fall, just a few months after it had been sunk. The difference is remarkable - it just that short space of time the entire plane got covered in barnacles and its clean and painted exterior has deteriorated to resemble something that has been in the ocean for at least decades.

Although the inside of the plane has been cleared out and made safe to swim through, it should still be considered a wreck dive that requires specialized skills. The currents surrounding the wreck are quite strong and require a lot of leg work to get through. As the plane is so large, surfacing anywhere other than where you descended is going to lead to being stranded in the open ocean, hoping to be spotted by your dive boat. This is a dive I would advise a dive computer as an absolute necessity. And if you happen to have them, gloves.

As with any two tank dive, we had a second dive after the plane, also on a wreck. Known as the "Boom wreck" it was a cargo ship laden with toilets - this is more of a heap of material rather than anything resembling a boat. Nevertheless, I actually enjoyed this one a lot more then the plane simply because it was completely covered in fish. The marine life made this a highly entertaining and vibrant dive. As luck would have it, my battery ran out and I do not have footage from the toilet wreck, but to make up for it, there is more than a reasonably tolerated amount of footage of the 747. Enjoy!

Diving Information:

1. Book in advance! This website lists the shops authorized to take people on the 747 dives (not all are).

2. Bring your own gear if you can - sizes may not fit/be available.

3. Bring a dive computer.

4. The boat ride out to the plane takes about 45 mins.

5. Visibility is likely going to suck, be prepared and pack a personal surface marker buoy just in case.

6. Be at least Advanced Open Water certified.

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