Scuba Diving

There's a brilliant and mostly forgotten movie called Waterworld in which Kevin Costner has gills and lives in the ocean. If one were to watch it enough times, one may come to the deluded conviction of embodying Kevin Costner and attempt to breathe underwater.  I now know I need special apparatus. This is my story.   
My adventures in water:

Open Water Diver - 2013 - Cuba 

Advanced Diver -2017 - Canada 

Rescue Diver - 2018 - Canada 

Dive Master - 2019 - Cayman Islands 

About Me

I am a Canadian lawyer, specializing in litigation and corporate law. I began modeling during undergrad, it allowed me to start travelling the world and that quickly turned into an obsession. I started diving in 2013 and became a Divemaster in 2019, because why not. Life should be interesting.  


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